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TNT Improv and Sketch Comedy Society

The University of Kent has had various comedy societies form, so we desire to expand upon the past. Historically, the comedy that has derived from here, in Canterbury, Kent, has found great success in industry and life. We will deliver similar glory, at least that is the hope. 

We aim to: 

  • to bring humour into people’s lives;

  • to allow people to understand the world around them in a more comedically critical manner;

  • to create meaningful comedy;

  • to embrace the nature of humanity, society and spontaneity in collaborative creation.

As can be found on this website, we run two sections of training and comedic theatre creation: improv and sketch. The improvisational comedy training is based on the University Improv Comedy Society Manual that will be extended upon based on the methodology of Second City to produce sketches. In other words, we take the training in improv to devise and re-improvise sketches; the final development of the sketches are in-front of a live audience.


Therefore, we perform both short-form improv and sketch. For more information, please see these sections of the website. Some of these projects will be in collaboration with other companies and community groups outside of the university, and societies based on-campus. 

Lastly, if you are in Canterbury and wish to join, then please do: Click this link to visit the Kent Union page

Feel free to contact us too. 

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