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Short-form Improv and Theatresports

Improvisation is where the company makes the production and revue up as they go... it's more natural, more connected and relatable even when completely bonkers in style. Sometimes the performers and comedians will be inclined to be absurd and sometimes more naturalistic... we'll let you know per production being put up. ...maybe it'll be both - but rest assured, it'll be worth your while, if so.



Improv Sketch Productions

Theatresports was created by Keith Johnstone and developed with Theatre Machine in London. They toured around Europe performing to great laughter without audiences' fluent in the English language. 

This comedy will be more theatrical. Not always with the laugh, but a spectacle worthy of your attention, for sure. 

We will present this production in Kent once a year (when possible). 

Short-form Improv Games

Short-form improv is generally performing unconnected scenes to one and another in a production of improvisational comedy. The type of short-form that is being presented is games. These can be found in Johnstone's work, in Theatre Games from Viola Spolin, and many other historical people too. Improv is often known from the 'Whose Line is it Anyway' TV production. 

In these productions, we will perform sets of short-form games for your amusement. This involves a lot of audience participation, but will not be mean-spirited at all. We just want something to inspire the funnies: a starting point (or end). 

We will present these throughout the year, based on the performers in the company's interest in doing so. 

This is based on Nathan Improv ( and his old adage that sketch can be fully-formed with the assets improv brings to it. He has taught some of these elements all over the world and performed them in various productions both in the UK and abroad.  

TNT explores elements of these and put them into their productions of improvised sketch revues. The point is not to be writing on our feet, but sharing the world of laughter with the audience. Expect in-depth and hearty laughs that bring you into the humour of those onstage. 

We will present these in the second and third terms on the academic year (when possible). 

Mix of Sketch-based and Game-based nights

This is essentially the others mixed into one event... very simple. 

We will do these as a pre-show to a devised sketch revues, or a post-show extra (unless we are testing material). 

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