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Sketch Revues

The sketch comedy that we create predominantly comes from improvisation and devising. The world-renowned comedic actors, clowns and writers of this world come from a few institutions (training grounds) - the ones that are at the forefront of English-speaking history are from Second City, iO and the Groundlings. So, Americans... the comedy over there in the 80s were a Chicago-fuelled sprint of magical hilarity. Thanks to the likes of Del Close. 

Sketch Comedy work-in-progress

Sketch Revues


We work like Second City. We build a revue, we test out materials in-front of an audience. We build the next revue. 

These events will be to present the work-in-progress especially. This means that some sketches are more developed than others. Therefore, none of the sketches will be completely formed, so be supportive... thank you.

There will be three acts to the productions (when viable), two acts of sketch comedy, and the last act will be improvised sketches that are being worked on. The main production will be the revue itself that is fully formed and ready for your relaxed, yet hysterical laughter.

These will all be formed with an audience in mind. They will be constructed on some valuable central point that brings you the comedic, theatrical event that you deserve.

The third act comes after a second short interval in-case people need to leave. This does mean the last act are mostly being re-improvised. 

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